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Trump's Guide to Getting Rich: I Talk, You Pay

If you didn't make it to Donald Trump's much-ballyhooed speech at the Learning Annex Real Estate Expo this weekend—a speech he was paid $1.5 million to make, and which ticketholders paid up to $499 each to hear—what self-enriching tips did you miss? Per the Post, Trump's advice: "Love what you do. Never give up. Don't trust anyone. Be lucky. And fight back." It couldn't have been that good. Could it? If you found yourself in the halls of the Javits Center this weekend and heard Trump for yourself, drop us a line (, but you knew that) and fill in the gaps so we can all get our $1.5 million worth.

And hey, for that matter, what did Barbara Corcoran have to say for herself after that farewell Corcoran going away party on Friday? (Our mole at Friday's affair reports: "She said something along the lines of, 'If they don't treat you well when I'm gone remember, my non-compete clause ends in 14 months.' Just when you thought you'd heard it all.")
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