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'Upper Least Side' Redux

The Daily News today finally gets around to realizing what other papers have been saying since the Yankees were still in contention: The rental bargains are on the Upper East Side. Sure, the median numbers are updated, but they haven't changed all that much from last time: $1,475/month for studios, $2,175 for one-bedrooms, $3,013 for two-bedrooms, etc. But the article misses two things: any mention of Yorkville, which can be defined as the "east side of the upper East Side" (but may be falling out of popular usage), or the proposed Second Avenue subway line, which - if it were to finally, magically exist - would probably cause rental prices to shoot through the roof. OK, we admit that's like asking every article to account for the fact that the world might possibly end sometime soon. Get out those walking boots!
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