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Moe Pokes Larry Between Eyes on WTC

So how was your weekend? See anything good? Maybe had a little nosh? Get publicy dressed-down by the mayor for being a greedy jerk who is bad for the city? Woo boy, those were some fireworks bursting over the World Trade Center redevelopment site, with Mayor Bloomberg telling the Daily News, "It would be in the city's interest to get Silverstein out, [but] nobody can figure out how to do it yet." He then added that Silverstein often has profits on the mind instead of the best interests of the city, which is confusing because last time we checked, Larry Silverstein was?you know?a businessman.

Bloomberg can't actually do anything to boot Silverstein out, which kind of makes the whole thing suspicious. Can't you just see the two at brunch the morning before: "Larry baby, I'm gonna have to diss you for the whole campaign thing, but don't worry, I got the next steak at Prime Grill."
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