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It Happened One Weekend: Bowery, Ho!

1) From Avalon Chrystie up to the Sculpture for Living, the Post takes a look at all the new developments along the Bowery, including Cooper Union's Sculpture-matching glass box. Bonus Shaun Osher appearance tossed in at no extra charge. [NYPost]
2) Gays invade Bed-Stuy, make their auction-bought townhouse fabulous. Money shot: "He came home very excited, but I was very against it. I said, 'Look at me, I'm a fruit.' I thought it was a rough neighborhood, and I am not a rough guy." [Dan Shaw/Habitats]
3) You always hear about affordable housing requirements getting tossed into blockbuster development deals like the Atlantic Yards and Williamsburg rezoning, but does it actually work? Here's some positive examples. [NYTimes]
4) Long Island "Land's End" estate put on the market for $50 million, sold for under $18 mil, put back on the market for $28 million; Meanwhile, Halstead releases a report saying the market is doing just fine, thankyouverymuch. In related news, Miller-Samuel's offices exploded. [Keil/NYPost; Neuman/The Big Deal]
5) What happened to our Joyce Cohen? The Hunt is good and all, but how about this bomb she drops on Williamsburg: "choking on its own hipness." Her words exactly. Saucy broad! [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) Tribeca's 415 Greenwich Street getting a gut renovation and being converted into $2 million "bay houses with soaring interiors." [Nadine Brozan/Postings]