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Development Du Jour: The Crown Condos

Let's hang out in (East) Harlem for the afternoon, shall we? Here's another new development, this one on Second Avenue and 110th Street. Appears from the rendering to be a rather monolithic affair, but another Curbed uptown correspondent gets a good vibe about it:

Crown Condos is replacing an old beverage distributor. The Asian dude who used to drive a forklift around on the sidewalk moving pallets of bevies basically knocked down the old structure (like a one story garage) and is putting up this vanilla condo building. What the drawing on the Warburg site (above) doesn't show is a serious two story penthouse with south facing arched windows and a set back terrace. I see no mention of this apt. being for sale, so I'm assuming the Asian Beverage dude is hanging onto it for himself. I would. This building is going to shine up the neighborhood something fierce.Occupany set for this fall (anyone know if they're good to go?), and Warburg has five listings, ranging from $369,380 for a 584sqft 1BR to $641,875 for a 1,027sqft 2BR.
· The Crown Condo [Warburg] UPDATE: A Curbed reader writes, "The Crown Condos are not ready for occupancy. They don't even have windows yet (actually they just put windows on the penthouse but the main front floors don't have any yet)."