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Slurpees Lose Their Cool

All these protests regarding 7-11 got us thinking. It was dangerous, yes, but we pulled through. Our thought: Taxis and undesirables? But isn't 7-11 for urban hipsters, jaded ironists, and urban jaded hipster ironists? Not so, says Manhattan Offender, who informs us that the "hipsters have left the building."

7-Eleven has passed through the initial oeuvre of its opening and now as it sets out to dot our landscape with the frequency of a Subway or an OTB, it slips slowly into banality. Perhaps we'll slip in next summer for a Slurpee, to encounter fixtures, once shiny and new, with the inevitable entrenched grime of city-life. Only time will tell.Mark it. Hot, new thing in July, over by Halloween. Ah well, you knew it wouldn't last. Uh, Wal-Mart, anyone?
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