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Upping the Ante on Avalon Chrystie Gripes

So you've read how Avalon Chrystie Place rattles like a cheap motel bed (thanks to the F train) and its hallways resemble The Shining. Another p.o.'d resident will see your complaints, and raise you:

2. Many people leave their door open while cooking, smells like WoHop most days. ... 4. I would have thought gentrification would have meant more NYTimes/WSJ in front of doorways. Most of the baseball hat crowd here likes the Post. 5. Flooding. A couple weeks ago a pipe busted in my wall. Had several inches of water. Reported it to management but no one did anything. I said what the hell and in the end rather than one apartment - 15 apartments were flooded. 6. Several residents have been robbed a block from building. Of course I don't know why you walk your dog with a purse but perhaps that's what you do in Texas.Come on, people. Your building is never going to get fixed up right if you don't start ordering up some TimesSelect.
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