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Curbed Boston: H&M, Respect the Fashion Nameplate

Swedish (ahem) luxury retailer H&M, which already peddles its wares at a Downtown Crossing store (pictured right), has just signed a lease to add a second Boston branch on 20,000 sqft of space at the corner of Newbury and Clarendon. At least one party to the deal is hoping the tonier address will help the locals see the fashion light.

“In New York, they have a great high fashion image,” Andrew LaGrega, a principal with the Wilder Cos., which represented the owner, tells “In New England, the market hasn’t recognized them as being the high fashion, European nameplate that they are.”Mr. LaGrega, you, sir, have your finger on the pulse of NY fashion.
Retailer Signs on for 10 Years at the Newbry [GlobeSt]