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Walentas Loosens Grip on 70 Washington?

At left, a picture of the ultra-modern kitchen that could be yours if you buy into Dumbo's fabulous 70 Washington, as pictured on the Two Trees Management website. At right, a picture from a listing for a Dumbo condo unit for sale, as seen on Betancourt & Associates Realty. Hey, wait a second! These look ... similar! In fact, we'd almost go as far as saying that they're kinda, you know, the same. Then, if we were feeling particularly frisky, we'd speculate that after months of holding on to their listings and boasting of waiting lists and more tenants than they know what to do with (we're sleeping in a cabana, personally), Two Trees is finally calling in the bullpen to get this building sold. Juicy!

And we're still waiting to hear from some people who are living in the damn thing, if those people exist. Give us a holler at
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