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Bushwick Bites: Panini to Transform Neighborhood?

Now that all of Williamsburg is waiting to catch their Water Taxi ride to Wall Street, what's the "next" in Brooklyn? Well, you could read this lengthy New York piece using the path of the L Train to sniff out gentrification, or you could just listen to us as we delicately whisper a tender word in your ear. Two syllables, one dream: Bushwick.

A couple months ago, a reader wrote in with a Bushwick hipster report that mentioned a trendy restaurant under construction on the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Jefferson Street. Another reader follows up:

That restaurant on Wyckoff in Bushwick is now open. I went to visit a friend who lives around the block Saturday night and we ate there. It was its first official night open, and it was packed with locals. Very, very hip, and everyone in the place seemed to live in the area. The whole crowd was almost saying, unison, "Finally, panini in the neighborhood!" It's a nice place, actually, but the scene provided ample proof that if businesses move into the neighborhood, there is already a huge, young, upwardly mobile crowd waiting to pounce. I think rents went up about 20 percent while we were ordering dessert.Haha, she kid, she kid. We think.
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