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Curbed PriceChopper Special Edition: Fresh Lamb

Original asking: $3.5 million
Now asking: $2.5 million
You save: $1,000,000!

Most most unusual. Recall those dizzying summer days, when seemingly impenetrable kingdoms such as Jack and Grace Lamb's East 5th Street restaurant empire seemed ... impenetrable. Then we found out that you could put a price on royalty, and that price was $3.5 million. Said a reader back then, "This broker has the balls to ask $3,805/PSF in the East Village? Really irresponsible brokers like this that should be dragged out into the street and shot."

Well, we haven't combed the East River for corpses recently, but the listing for the Lambs' jewel box townhouse has moved over to Tatiana Cames at Corcoran, reports Michael Calderone in the Observer. And the price has dropped an even $1 million, for those keeping score at home. What's more is that it looks like Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar will definitely be kaput or moving to new digs, seeing as how the listing serves up the ground floor retail space like it was a shrimp cocktail. Dark days, these are.
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