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Curbed PriceChopper Update: No Longer Any 'The' in Tribeca

Checking in with this sunny top-floor loft again. Bowl of green apples? Check. 1146 sq ft? Check. But two things are missing! Another chunk of the price is gone - down $79K lately to a crisp $1.4 million. And it's no longer located "in the Tribeca," just "in Tribeca." The triangle had its chance; now, it's time to move this five-skylighted beaut', PriceChopped by more than 8% on our watch. Our keen-eyed tipster also has this to say: "In looking at the photos again, there might be some resistance to the floor-level window tops in the bedrooms."
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UPDATE: We turn away for a moment and look what happens. The price has dropped again: $1,295,000, down 15%!