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Williamsburg: Your Ship Has Come In, Manhattan Transplants

Remember how the waterfront Schaefer Landing was going to "kill the desirability" of Williamsburg? What we failed to realize was that the new residents will be so busy jaunting off on their New York Water Taxis - soon to be stopping so conveniently outside the condo complex - that they won't have time to ruin the Brooklyn neighborhood where the rest of the peons trod. Writes a tipster:

The developers can't expect people to walk all the way to the L train and then transfer to get to their lower Manhattan offices.In the meantime, they're promising free shuttle service to the sales office at 420 Kent. Check out the animation, if you don't believe us. (Warning: Smooth jazz starts immediately.)
· Art, Culture, All Things Good to be Murdered in Williamsburg [Curbed] UPDATE: A reader writes in to affirm that the sales site does provide "a DECENT map of Williamsburg, for those of us 'out of towners' who would like to connect a 'geographical face' to all the BillyBurg Hubbub."