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ViVa Update: '#1 Worst Commercial Location in the City'

Two days after we turned our rapt eyes on West Harlem's hottest new microneighborhood, ViVa (Viaduct Valley), the Sun does up a chirpy look at Harlem's commercial real estate renaissance. Even 701 West 135th Street, the commercial development tucked alongside the expressway in the heart of ViVa (right), gets some love. But a Curbed reader emails a less generous take:

Regarding the listing on 135th, I live a couple blocks away and there's nothing burgeoning down there except the Fairway parking lot and Dinosaur BBQ. That might sound like something, but that's on the close side of under the the elevated section of Riverside Dr. When you get up to where they're talking about, past the bus depot and the ass end of the bizarre secondary school/apartment building hybrid, it's no-man's land. It's so dead, I doubt there are even thieves or drug dealers. But I wouldn't know, because no one sets foot there. The only access is 12th Avenue (under Riverside) from 125th Street, or up an avenue-long deserted hill. I'm sure the building is very interesting -- way back in the day, before the GWB, the area was home to the ferry to Jersey, and that little corner of the city thrived. But I would vote for it as the absolute #1 worst location for a commercial enterprise in the city.

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