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On the Market: Cliffside Jack-O-Lantern in the Heights

What's the Hudson Heights equivalent of a massive pillowcase full of tooth-rotting candy arriving unannounced at your doorstep days before Halloween? The Pumpkin House hitting the market! For a sweet $3.45 million, your westerly windows can "glow with reflected sunlight ... in a Jack-o-lantern-like configuration." We're getting a sugar rush just looking at this 3-floor, 7-bedroom, 3100 sq. ft. townhome from the 1920s. It's cantelievered over the Henry Hudson Parkway, leaving one tipster to muse: "Favorite part of the description - 'It is not landmarked so you may want to look into the possibility for expansion.' Uh, where - down?"

More on the property's debated provenance here (second to last item).
· Listing: The Pumpkin House, 16 Chittenden Avenue [NYT]

UPDATE: Some frost on the pumpkin from a reader who lives across the street and notes the house's proximity to the garage at Castle Village: "Nothing says satisfaction with spending $3.5 Million on a building like hearing the entrance bell and extra loud telephone ring of the garage at all hours from your new residence."