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Expanding Battery Park City: An Immodest Proposal

This morning, the Post runs a mysteriously awesome little article, 71 words in length, about the future of Battery Park City. The news peg: Charles Urstadt, the "so-called father" of the man-made development (not to mention quite the swimmer), has suggested that BPC be sold to a private operator and expanded to just below Canal Street. By his estimate, sez the Post, it would cost $300 million to build the additional 50 acres, "with little or no environmental impact."

Sounds great! But has age tempered the old Urstadt sass? Surely we can do better than just another piddly 50 acres. In that spirit, Curbed proposes a larger expansion of Battery Park City: landfill continuing up to 59th Street and jutting two-thirds of the way into the Hudson. By our estimates, this 1450-acre project would cost $305 million to build (non-union), and result in virtually no environmental impact except for tertiary effects on migrating geese. Interested developers, please contact us at the address at right.
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