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On Halloween, the Yolk's on Crown Heights

As the children of Brooklyn count down the hours, minutes and seconds until Halloween, residents of Crown Heights are in the midst of an important discussion in the Daily Heights forum: What to make of the storied tradition of egg tossing?

The comments are varied, with some annoyed ("Gross and slippery...and dangerous, considering our landlord is blind! We're also a bit sensitive to it because we got egged going in our front door last Halloween and it ruined my husband's down vest"), defensive ("My husband was egged 2 halloweens ago. On the corner of St. John's & Washington... the next year he went out armed... and there was nothing") and downright inquisitive ("I wonder about the merchants who are selling the eggs to the kids? Do they know or care?").

The issue at hand: Should eggmen install an 18-and-over rule for buying around Halloween, or should the streets of Crown Heights run yellow with another year of "stunted chicken babies" crashing to the pavement? Look deep within yourself for the answer to that one.
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