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Curbed Readers Write: Fuck Boston Edition

Herewith feedback from this week's five (5) Beantown posts, presented in order of ascending vitriol:

1) "i've noticed in the past few weeks articles on strange places called "boston" and "la", as if these lands were somehow worthy of mention...where are these fanciful villages? how may one visit them?"
2) As an escapee from the Boston Burbs, I was shocked to see you imply that I.M. Pei designed the building. He was only responsible for the master plan, including the arid, freezing, wind swept brick wasteland surrounding the building. The building itself was designed by Kallman, McKinnell and Knowles. Also note that it's actually a GREAT BUILDING. maybe it's also a waste of space." [Believe us, shocked only begins to describe how we feel. -ed]
3) "What is with all the articles on Boston recently? Do you really think any of your readers care? Boston has got to be one of the most boring cities on this planet. It's just embarrassing to see things on Boston scattered throughout a NYC real estate blog. If you are going to "branch out" (although I'd rather you didn't), why not D.C. or, better yet, London?" [Uh oh, now you're part of the problem. -ed.]
4) "What's the deal with all the Boston coverage all of a sudden? And why should we care about such a puny, provincial little burgh? I don't want to know anything about the urbanism of a city who's street plan is based on cow paths. I lived in that hell hole for two years and now I have to hear about the difference between the Red and Orange Lines of the T? Who cares!"

We take it this means nobody wants to join us this weekend for a little New England house-hunting? Buyer's market, baby!