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The Quantum Physics of the Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea Blog asks hotel resident Hawk Alfredson whether he thinks there's a creative energy in the hotel. Yes, he says, but there's also this:

I am not really sure how living in the Hotel has affected me but I'm sure it has in many ways. Since my early twenties I have read probably about 50-100 books about Quantum Mechanics where among many other things the quantum physicists says that the Universe seems to be acting as a gigantic hologram, that every little thing contains the whole & that every part or event no matter how small, influences every other part or event, past, present or future. Time is an illusion, a mental construct. The best thing ever happened to me in the Hotel hasn't unfolded yet, hasn't become manifest so far, it's still in the so called future.

Here's some books to explore:
The Holographic Paradigm & other paradoxes. Edited by Ken Wilber.
The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

Right, thanks, we'll check those out -- in the so-called future.
· The Other Hawk [Hotel Chelsea Blog]