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Curbed Boston: T Is for Totally Not Amused

Angry mass transit blogging's all the rage. No line is spared. No borough suburb (seriously, little help here?) is safe. Notes a rider who just moved from Jamaica Plain to Dorchester, forcing a switch from Orange to Red:

Before the switch, I used to have this notion that the Red Line was swankier than the Orange Line. I mean, it does go up to Cambridge and all, and it seemed like whenever I rode it back in the day it was at least climate controlled. And then there was the slightly updated look of the subway cars. The black and red. It was bold. It was now. Particularly compared to the Orange line, where everything inside was brown. Very blah. The Red Line crowd also seemed somehow more urbane. Hipper. Crisper. The Orange Line crowd seemed sort of crumpled in comparison.Can you guess how this story ends? Here's a hint: the blog's called T-Rage. [Calming Red Line photo via Sara Lovering. See, it's not so bad.]
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