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70 Washington: The Finest Building in All the Land

Friday's 70 Washington reader rant, which we clearly intended for your entertainment and not edification (see frequent use of all-caps, wild swings in descriptive terms -- from "boring piece of shit" in one paragraph to potentially "neat little place" in the next), is nonetheless drawing some concerned feedback. And, so, in the interest of equal time, we present a trio of 70 Washington defenses:

To rebut the rambling 70 Washington-themed canard posted today, 70 Wash is not surrounded by the BQE on three sides (it's only on the eastern side); the noise -- accentuated now by no walls on the lower floors, and open windows throughout the building -- is entirely livable, will be more so once construction is complete, and pales in comparison to the rumbling subway on the Manhattan Bridge lording over developments in the "much nicer" (yet decidedly cheaper and less vibrant) Vinegar Hill; the much-maligned views include such atrocities as the Brooklyn Bridge, the lower Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, the East River, and (from the lower floors on the north side) charming SoHo-esque turn-of-the-century brick buildings (like the old water meter building); and the prices were, and are, significantly cheaper than $1.x million depending on the square footage and floor (e.g. 1250 sq. ft. 1 bdms with 2 full baths and home offices on lower floors go for mid-$800k -- that's why it's more like 70% sold). Might I suggest some therapy for this angry, priced-out hater -- it surely will not be, to borrow his eloquence, boring as shit.Rad. After the jump, two more 70 Wash suckers buyers weigh in.
One reader writes:

A couple of things in response to 70 washington posting: 1.) The building is one of the nicest in DUMBO (high ceilings, fixtures, amenities, location)
2.) In addition, for the people who bought before prices were amended, they all bought well below what comparable apartments in the area were selling for (ie the Nexus and Beacon tower)
3.) There is noise no matter where you live. And the BQE is only annoying for the people who bought facing it.
4.) I totally agree about the 1BR prices, but I bought early and dont really care!

And once more, with feeling:OK…I am really disappointed that you would post that last comment about 70 Washington, there is no new info…and there is false info. One side does face BQE and the building is nearly 50% sold out. Also…it is plenty quiet when you are in the building…but it is still a city afterall. They have what is sold posted on their website…and it is not even updated. I know for sure, because I have purchased 1 unit (listed as sold) and a friend purchased another and it still lists it as available. I don’t understand why people are so upset about the building…(um..maybe it is another building or broker posting??) Since the guy used ass in his listing…he probably isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree ;) Why isn’t everyone focusing on a building like the J Condo which is totally going to be out of place? At least 70 Washington is keeping the historical façade of the building. I just don’t get why people are so pissed.

Um, did anybody say we weren't accepting all-caps rants about J Condo?
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