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184 Kent Update: 'It Was Cheapness'

With the Post having won its battle to keep the International Freedom Center out of Ground Zero, where will the paper turn its missionary urban planning zeal next? Would you believe—184 Kent? Sure enough, a full-page op-ed in the Sunday paper slams last week's landmarking of the old Williamsburg warehouse (above), deriding the Cass Gilbert design thusly: "This was not pre-modernism. It was cheapness."

Meantime, our post on the 184 Kent landmarking that noted, "We welcome all e-mails from any nanny-employing graff artists that wish to comment," has finally drawn a reader response. Tune in after the jump as Curbed gets bitchslapped. For your bonus reading pleasure, we've included a photograph of a Williamsburg building that got torn down at the corner of N4th and Bedford last week, just for the sheer hell of it.

A Curbed reader writes:

Question: So if you have little kids and a nanny you can't live in the Burg and must move to the UES? That makes you automatically un-cool? Rich? Unaware of the architectonical legacy of NYC? Unconcerned with rent prices? Careless about the hood's waste problems? You are a freakin' genius. [Thanks! -ed] Most of the people than made Williamsburg what is now and the lofts inside 184 Kent what they are now by investing their time, work and money are now well into their 30s, having kids and, yes, making OK money. But at the same time there is no one more appropriate to keep the spirit of the area alive. After finishing your liberal arts college and moving to NYC you decided you wanted to move to the Burg and be our neighbor because we saw the potential in the area when no one else, not even the landlords, did. You should thank the well groomed graffiti artist mom for teaching you how to be cool and finding you a neighborhood and a lifestyle you could have never discovered on your own. Or you could at least identify yourself by wearing a "Kill you idols" t-shirt.

For the record, no one at Curbed has ever lived in Williamsburg. But we dare to dream.

Speaking of which, blogger JustinNYC sent along the above shot of Billyburg destruction, noting, "I caught the guys tearing down the building on N4th and Bedford Thursday." We'd make a joke about the hipster tableau inadvertently captured by his lens, but we're turning over a new leaf. A new leaf of love.

Ha, had you fooled, didn't we? Here's a close crop on the hipsters in question. Enjoy!

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