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Astor Place's New Amenity: Powerful Spin Cycle

It's like they're trying to drive us crazy. The above banner is now appearing on an Astor Place eyesore near you. Sorry if it's blurry, but it quotes a certain New Yorker architecture review that went a little something like this: "These are assertive, sensual spaces. Being inside feels, delightfully, like being inside an enormous transparent grand piano." You remember that review, right? The one that also said the building is "an elf prancing among men" and "Mies van der Rohe as filtered through Donald Trump," and in the very next sentence to the one quoted on the sign: "The beauty of the interiors, however, only underscores the failings of the exterior." OK, just checking. Yeesh. The building may look Miami, but apparently it's more Hollywood than anything.
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