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It Happened One Weekend: Buy Me a River

1) Move over, Duke. Scootch to your left, Pierre. There's a new member of the $50 million club. A duplex in the fancypants River House co-op (right) on the East Side is about to hit the market at that price, put on the block by a former board member at WorldCom?so make sure the contracts aren't written in invisible ink. Sotheby's agent Nikki Field, whose website is beyond awesome, has the listing if you're interested. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
2) Young people, wanting something hip but also wanting to live in something bigger than a sock drawer, are moving to the Upper East Side because it's affordable! Hmm, that sounds familiar. [NYPost]
3) The Times puts on the thinking cap for a serious look at the state of New York real estate. Excessive speculation fuels bubbles, but there's an average level of speculation going on, they say. [NYTimes]
4) Even more publicity for the scorching-hot 1600 Broadway, but you've heard it all before: "the Observatory, the building's 5,000-square-foot roof, will offer residents a grassy lawn, more trees, a deck, lounge chairs, telescopes and, for the frisky, an outdoor shower." [NYPost]
5) A real estate rookie from North Carolina with a fondness for the Upper West Side and a penchant for spreadsheets tries her hand at renting a 1-bedroom in the $1,300-$1,600 range. Will she succeed? Kinda-sorta. Hey, but she's happy, which is more than we can say about you. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) A closer look at the oft kudo'd 14 Townhouses project on State Street. The verdict? More kudos. [Josh Barbanel/Postings]