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The Vu Index: 29 Pages, 9 Calvin Kleins, 1 Obsessive

This week's New York contains Vu, a real estate magazine within the magazine. Though it isn't scheduled as a regular feature, sources at the magazine tell us it will return if it proves popular with readers. Herewith, a Curbed breakdown of its 29 pages of "dreamworld for real estate obsessives"...

Number of uses of word "obsessive" or "obsessives": 1, oddly
Best deep thought: "Perhaps architecture—great or not—is becoming just a way to sell apartments." [Height of Fashion: How Real Estate Developers are Learning from 7th Ave]
Number of Adjectives used to describe André Balazs: Too many to count, including sybarite, small, very handsome, barely creased, businessman, not a hint of the striver, proprietor, newly minted [Prince Street Prince]
Best surprise Balazs revelation: "If there was one thing I’d do differently [at 1 Kenmare Square], I don’t think the windows, the glass, is light enough—the darkness did surprise me. It gives it a slightly ominous look.”
Best surprise Balazs revelation, runner-up: "For my thesis, I checked into the Bowery Mission. I lived there for a week, as though I were homeless."

Most genius idea: Re-making a minimalist Ian Schrager space at 50 Gramercy Park North with an ornate designer. Results here. [Maximalist Makeover]
Price, in monthly rent, of "most expensive rental in NYC" : $55,000, this Corcoran listing at Trump's 1 Central Park South. Why won't owner sell? "He doesn’t feel his apartment has reached its full potential in terms of value." [Most Expensive Rental]
Price of cheapest studio apartment mentioned: $75,000, for a basement retreat in Riverdale. "Feels like the kind of place you’d hide your grandma." Oh, fear not: grandma's been hidden for years now. [Comparison Shopping for Studio Apartments]
Number of Calvin Klein mentions in history of 55 Central Park West: 9 [One Apartment, 75 Years]
Wholly gratuitous photos of the Sculpture for Living: 1