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Open House Hangover: You've Got Male

Out looking at open houses on the Upper West Side yesterday? If so, happen to run into the happy couple at left? New York's new 29-page real estate insert, Vu (oh yes, there will be much more to say about this) found the couple—"Rick Ho, banker, and Ting-ting Yang"—perusing UWS open houses on a recent Sunday. To the videotape:

What are you shopping for? Ting-ting: We want the Upper West Side. [To Rick] Tell them why. Rick: It's because of You've Got Mail. Ting-ting [laughing]: I wasn’t living in New York—it made the area look so romantic.Rick, dude, you've got emasculated! And our every worst stereotype of the Upper West Side is thus confirmed. Now, to make use of these spiffy new comments, let's open the floor to weekend open house reports. Where did you go, what did you see, and what did you think? Any brokers handing out cookies—or, you know, résumés? The more specific the report, the better. Do it for the children.
· The Open-House Log [Vu/New York]