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It Happened One Weekend: Cowgirl Hall of Fame

1) On October 21st at Chelsea Piers, Barbara Corcoran mounted a white horse at her going away party and rode off, though not into the sunset but toward a waiting car. Oh, and those comments about her non-compete expiring in 14 months? Just kidding! But really, give her a shout and see what happens. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
2) The Post looks at what $1 million can buy in each of the five boroughs. In a dubious move, the beginning of the story is structured around a "now-classic" Barenaked Ladies song. [NYPost]
3) Going against the communal aspect of co-op living, the treasurer for the building at 200 East 74th Street stole $4.7 million over seven years. Plus, he interviewed potential tenants' dogs. And nobody thought something was up? [NYTimes]
4) Halloween themed content! A look at Manhattan's most haunted residences. Would you live in the Osborne, where Rosemary's Baby was filmed and where real murders have taken place? Hey, it's pre-war. [NYPost]
5) Halloween themed content! Check out this Clinton Hill brownstone, which gets completely decked out for Halloween by its owners, who also perform elaborate skits with their friends. This year's theme is "Horrorwood," complete with a 10-foot-tall lighted sign on the roof. [Habitats/Hope Reeves]
6) In New York, it's all about who you know. You got sick of your mom telling you this, but deep down, you knew she was right. To celebrate moms everywhere, we give you the story of a woman who found a gigantic UWS studio through her sister's husband's mother's friend's daughter. We're faklempt. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]
7) SoHo architecture firm Asymptote is hard at work on the residential conversion of a parking garage on Perry Street, behind one of the Meier towers on West Street. The developers are hard at work trying to get around the new far West Village zoning rules. [William Neuman/Big Deal]