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Trapezoid Below Canal Fears for its Light

Forget the Triangle Below Canal. It's the Trapezoid Below Canal that has Tribecans worked up—specifically, rezoning plans for northern Tribeca (er, Trapeca) that may allow for 160 foot towers to rise along West Street, essentially creating a wall blocking the river light from the rest of the neighborhood. (Perry Street South, anyone?) The core of the issue:

Rezoning of northern Tribeca has been long time coming. Southern Tribeca was rezoned in the 1990s, followed by Hudson Square last year. But it wasn't until this year that C.B. 1 requested that northern Tribeca's zoning be changed. C.B. 1 requested the change after the Jack Parker Corporation, a developer, applied to change the zoning of four blocks between West and Washington Sts., and Watts and Hubert Sts. The developer's rezoning application included a request to build up to 210 ft. along West St.To get a better sense of how the proposed rezoning would affect northern Tribeca on a block-by-block basis, head over to the Downtown Express's larger version of the image presented here. Then squint real hard.
· Tribecans Object to Plans to Allow West St. Towers [Downtown Express]