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70 Washington Residents Prepare to Reside

Talk of 70 Washington ebbs and flows around these parts like the gentle sway of the ocean, or the amount of nacho cheese staining our pants (long story). But we think we know the reason behind the most recent uptick in 70Wash attention. A tipster tips:

I went yesterday to look at units at the new 70 Washington. Being that is was a nice day, several of the windows were open. I can confirm that it was VERY noisy. Noise in the apartments with the windows closed was ridiculous too. They said the first tenants were going to be moving in next week, but we can tell you that the lobby is far from done. Are people really going to pay 1 point something for these units?....Suckers...Next week! Can it be true? After all the talk, the tears, the dreams: is it finally going to happen? We knew it was coming, but so soon? We're not even ready. Friends, if it goes down next week and there isn't an email explosion from the first wave of pilgrims?even if it's just "Hi, I'm here. Toilet seat installed crooked."?we will be devastated. Please, help us.
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