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Dumpster Diving with Douglas Elliman

From the mixed-up files of There's Gotta Be a Scandal Here Somewhere, blogger CitySpecific reports:

Discarded in the shadow of the Flatiron Building at 23rd and 5th -- like an offering to the gods of New York real estate -- was a stack of perfectly fine looking business cards for one particular higher-up at Douglas Elliman... Were they left over from an open house somewhere? Were they thrown in disgust? Or glee? Or desperation? Is it guerilla marketing? Is the firm replacing everyone's cards, and if so, how did they end up here? Was the office trash not good enough? I'm sure there's a semi-logical explanation here, but it just baffles me.As always, your conspiracy theories welcome.
· Dumpster Diving with Douglas Elliman [CitySpecific] UPDATE: A broker for another prominent brokerage emails, "Usually a broker chucks his/her cards out when they quit or get fired. That broker is probably now working at another company or they have a vindictive co-worker that is trying to sabotage them (like at Dwelling Quest)." Zing! But there must be more to the story than this!