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In Tribeca, The Jason Binn Cometh

Holy shit, here's something the rezoning of northern Tribeca didn't take into account—what's going to happen to the neighborhood if Gotham publisher Jason Binn and his shit-eating grin decide to drop $2.074 million for a loft at 92 Laight Street?

It's a done deal, kids, reports Michael Calderone in Manhattan Transfers—and the Manhattan property records, available via ACRIS. Now, we don't dig around in ACRIS as much as we should (there's something a touch bit dirty about searching it, no?), but in this case, we enjoyed every click of the painful user interface.
· 92 Laight Street 3A Transfer Document [ACRIS]
· Gotham-ist Jason Binn Snaps Up Tribeca Condo for $2 M. [NYObserver]