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Curbed TrendWatch: Gas Station Nostalgia

What is it about New Yorkers and their gas stations? Perhaps because so few of us own cars, there's something comforting about knowing that if we did, a $40 refill would be only steps away. How else to account for the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth surrounding the now-demolished Gaseteria on Avenue B and Houston, and Chelsea's quickly fading Exxon station? We mentioned the Gaseteria this morning, which prompted an alert Curbed reader to send us the above photo for nostalgia's sake. Another reader, sensing this gas-fueled zeitgeist, emails:

Hey, I believe you had mentioned something about a rental building going up on the old Exxon gas station spot at 23rd and 10th Ave. I noticed that they're beginning to rip out of the gas pumps and someone with a big ass saw was cutting into the concrete this morning. Have you heard anything more about the plans for this site?We haven't. Dear readers, anyone know any more about either of the residential developments going in where the fuel once flowed? Intel, as always, is welcome to
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