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Keeping Up with the Starckses on Broad St.

Swig Equities' announcement that they're converting The Exchange building at 25 Broad St. to condos may have just hit, but current rental tenants in the building are already scratching their heads and pondering their future. One Broad Street Bully (not really, we just wanted to say Broad Street Bully) thinks he might as well have his eyes on the #15 prize:

Swig wants over $1,000 per ft for my low floor apartment. At that price I could buy the same sized apartment across the street at 15 Broad (downtownbystark) on the 30th floor. It would have spectacular South views - I currently have no view - it would also have a washer/dryer - my current unit doesn't have one - it would also be brand new with top o the line condo finishes - instead of my 8 year old rental crap - that building also has a basketball court (above) and bowling - looks like I'm off to buy some slickery shoes!!!You see? Insanity has its advantages, after all.
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