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116th Street's Delightful New Donuts

What does the arrival of a new coffee and donut cart mean for the neighborhood around Frederick Douglass Blvd. and 116th Street? Blogger Joe Schumacher explains:

I moved to Harlem four years ago last Wednesday. Four years ago there was a grumpy guy selling newspapers on my corner, but only when the weather was nice. That first Spring a coffee cart arrived. The fair weather paper guy was replaced by a fair weather paper woman. At least she was friendly. She lasted about a year, when she was succeeded by a friendly, all-weather paper guy. The paper guy and the coffee cart were soon joined by a produce cart... Last week at that corner a new coffee cart appeared. They were a bit disorganized (no juice, cold drinks were warm, gave me the wrong doughnut), but very friendly and enthusiastic ("Everything fresh!"). It will be interesting to see if they show up tomorrow morning. I may have to get a doughnut for positive reinforcement!Yeah, we're not sure either. But the donuts are delish.
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