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Gaseteria Site Cracks Up Avenue B Building

Construction at the recently demolished (and late lamented) Gaseteria gas station at the foot of Avenue B has caused a crack-up for an area building. A Curbed reader reports from the scene:

as i walked out of my apt yesterday morning and turned the corner on to houston, there were about 20 fire trucks asking the nice guys at the tire shop what was going on, they pointed out a nice hefty crack up the side of 9 Ave B, a building adjacent to the empty lot that used to be a gas station where 'they' (no clue who they are) have been doing some major excavating over the past month.

i live on attorney st, across from the monstrosity soon to be known as 154 attorney. about a month ago i noticed that every morning whilst deleting my spam, my entire building would oscillate like a 6 story metronome. it took me about a week to figure out it couldn't possibly be "the monstrosity" because the entire building is already in place and that it HAD to be whatever newer monstrosity they were working on on B/Houston. apparently it wasn't just shaking my building, but was also affecting the integrity of 9 Ave B, and well.

now, it remains to be seen as i walked by all the firemen were just standing around looking confused, and the residents were filing out clutching whatever belongings they could carry. curiously enough, the guys in the barber shop directly under this building looked completely non-plussed, and continued to cut hair. ah, alphabet city, where coned tries to blow us up, and construction tries to knock us down.

The Post notes that the building is in no danger of collapsing. Shore it up with a little stone and move right back in. Everyone feel safe now?
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