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Wherefore Art Thou, Trader Joe's?

We get a steady flow of email here at the headquarters wondering about the status of the Trader Joe's that should be coming to NYU's Palladium dormitory on 14th Street. In truth, we don't really know what's going on. Two weeks ago we spotted some workers bringing in planks of wood to the vacant retail space, but we didn't want to tell you and get you overexcited. Then this landed in the inbox:

Construction work began a little over a week ago on the space in the 14th Street NYU complex. Parts of the gym in the basement levels of the Palladium have been closed off due to rebuilding of the freight elevators.Is TJ's finally on the way? We can dare to dream. An opening date is still an unknown. And in related Union Square Grocery War news, the Food Emporium located just across the street from the future Joe's is determined to stay afloat, with a "Grand Re-opening" having launched this week. So far, it appears the re-opening entails balloons, a banner and people dressed in chef's attire handing out coupons on the sidewalk. Godspeed, Food Emporium.
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