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Lower East Side's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

If you haven't been down Lower East Side way this week, you're missing one of the great urban transformations of the decade. Along Rivington Street, from Suffolk to Attorney, crumbling building facades are finding themselves bathed anew in psychedelic colors. Two Curbed reader reports:

1) "Does anyone have any idea what's going on around Clinton/Rivington with all the mural and building facade painting. It looks totally awesome and gives the area a great new feeling, but who's sponsoring/organizing it, how and why?"
2) "Been walking down Rivington Street lately and can’t help but notice that almost every building in between Clinton and Norfolk has been painted with a mural or super cool façade. Even Streits has been painted and is hardly recognizable. ABC NO RIO is putting up a new mural. Since all these buildings are owned by different entities this effort can only be part of a grant or Business District effort."

Or—yup, you guessed it—just prepping for a movie shoot. We don't know the details, but it's a period piece set in the late 1960's. When the Lower East Side was the Haight-Ashbury of the East Coast. Or something. Anyway, more photos of Hollywood's beautification of a gritty neighborhood after the jump.

ABC NO RIO gets in on the fun!

No fire escape is safe.

The restaurant formerly (and, perhaps someday again) known as Alias.