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It's Time to Park Your Motorcoach Elsewhere

Bad news for parking enthusiasts. The Tunnel Garage at 520 Broome St., which has catered to Holland Tunnel traffic since 1922 with its charming old school facade, may be living out its final days. A tipster informs us that the Donald Zucker Company has submitted plans to demolish the garage and its neighbor, with an 8-story mixed use building going up in their place. The current 188 parking spaces would be replaced with only 115, so it could be time to find a foster home for your Maybach.

The garage was recently given the tribute treatment on Transfer, which is where the above photo comes from. Said Transfer: "Scarred by contemporary signage, this gem is awaiting a good scrubbing and preservationist rehab, along with a new and fantastic use." Well, we know one blog that's gonna be grumpy today.
· Tunnel Garage [Transfer]

55 Thompson

55 Thompson Street, New York, New York