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Curbed Readers Write: Like a Prayer

1) Regarding that funky East Village apartment, a Curbed reader writes, "I've seen this problem pointed out before on Curbed, but the floorplan for the funky friday apartment doesn't have, um, a door to get into the (very slightly) larger bedroom. funky indeed. it's also a bit creepy to have a big rack of votive candles right next to the bed. the realization of my nightmare of waking up in church. or maybe it's so you can pray for the people trapped in the bedroom." UPDATE: Another reader emails, "The large bedroom without an entry door isn't really a problem, because the apartment itself doesn't have an entry door."
2) Two reports on that $7.5 million West Village 1BR: "That's Sally Hershberger's pad, she of $600-haircut-mistress fame. According to Property Shark, she prolly paid around $1 mil and change for it back in 2000." And some scoop on the interior decor: "The pricey 1BR is Michael Gabellini designed. Way ahead of its minimal time, it was renovated way before any of the sleek stuff was cool, like in the early nineties. His website has more pics." (They're awesome, by the way.)
3) About that movie shoot that's turning the LES psychedelic, a Curbed reader emails, "Next tuesday there is no parking on 8th St from 6th Ave to University and the north side of Wash Sq Park for the same production....but so far no flashy colors for the shoe stores on W 8th."
4) A reader query: "Why don't real estate firms advertise on tv? There must be an obvious answer to this question that I can't seem to come up with."

Lots of people had a lot to say this week. After the jump, reader scoop on the PriceChopped apartment at 284 Fifth Ave., 2 Columbus Circle, and the creeping Dunkin' Donutsization of our fair city.

5) Regarding the PriceChopped apartment at 284 Fifth Avenue: "Wow, can't believe that my old building that I just moved out of got mention on Curbed! The units are big, but they're in bad shape, need new kitchens & baths, and need the floors stripped. Not to mention water and & roach problems regardless of how clean you keep any of the units. My 365 sq ft studio sold for $365,000. The neighborhood sucks too. Welcome to illegitimate-business-front central: bags, purses, watered-down perfumes and ridiculously overpriced shitty apartments."
6) "I don't know if you've noticed the significant increase in the number of Dunkin Donuts stores in the city. [Non! -ed] Would seem the police force was doubling, but alas no. A new one is about to appear on 6th and 1st on the East corner. ahhh development!"
7) More on 2 Columbus Circle: "Not to be picky, but the NYT had it technically wrong. Landmark West has not yet filed their '8th' lawsuit. Rather they filed an appeal of the State Supreme Court's decision that their claim of 'conspiracy' was, um, wrong. In fact, LW has only filed 5 separate lawsuits, and now three appeals. Kind of half-assed obstructionism if you ask me."