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Opiate District Update: They're Lovin' It

Tucked in the East 20s, Madison Square Park boasts Shake Shack, a raft of new luxury developments, and, as recently noted, a burgeoning population of opiate fans. A reader fills us in on the latest:

I work on 23rd right at Park Avenue South and, on busy days, I've been known to frequent the many fast food establishments along the PAS-Broadway corridor. Today, while lunching with my beautiful girlfriend upstairs at McDonald's, I heard a ruckus near the woman's room, a single -stall type room/bathroom. A large man was banging on the door, yelling "Get out! I know what you're doing in there!" A few minutes later, a large, disgusting, bearded junkie emerges, with the shakes, a stutter and blood running down his arm. He had also sprayed blood all over the bathroom. This is becoming a problem. You can watch ten or twenty of them do the junkie nod off on the benches along the south side of Madison Square Park at any hour of the day. Isn't this supposed to be the hot new place for condos? Kind of like the crack-infested LES?

Wither the new developents? So long as the photos for the marketing brochures are taken from the right angles and run through a slight gaussian blur, shouldn't be a problem.
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