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Curbed PriceChopper: 45 West 67th Street

It's the second installment of the hot new Curbed feature PriceChopper, in which we turn our eye on property listings with dramatic price reductions. Know the details on a plummeting price? Drop a line to

Original Asking: $6.25 million
New Asking: $4.5 million
You Save! $1.75 million

Here's a broker unfraid to trumpet a massive price cut: "PRICE SLASHED 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!" begins the listing description. That's not the whole story, though. Notes a tuned-in Curbed reader, "The broker says price was reduced $1.5 Million, but in fact he understates this. It came on the market originally at $6.25 million back in April or so, was soon reduced to $6 million, and is now selling for $4.5 million. Why the great price for the 3000 sf condo with 1500 sf terrace 1 block from Central Park and 2 blocks from Lincoln Center? Look at the pics (stage lighting in the living room) and the floorplan (for a "discerning" buyer)." The floorplan is indeed a corker; take a peek after the jump.
· Listing; 45 West 67th Street [Douglas Elliman]