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Extreme Makeover Biz Card Edition: Douglas Elliman

So what do the new Douglas Elliman business cards look like? We asked, someone answered, and the world can now go back to its natural harmonic balance. As you can see, it's all about getting Prudential front and center now, and the agent who sent this in had this to say about the raging card controversy:

As far as why in the sidewalk trashcan......perhaps it was an unrealistic seller who's overpriced property had sat too long, and he fired his broker and now wants to go FSBO. In digging out the old selling materials (so he could just copy it) he couldn't bear to sully his own trash with that crazy broker with a fancy xVP title and XX years experience and XXX sales who doesn't know what he's talking about when he says "the market determines the price, we don't. if you can't afford patience, then reduce it to move it."And that, friends, is the final word.
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