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Alphaville in the Rezone: Downsize This!

Above? No, not the trick-or-treat friendly facilities in the East Village, but rather, the area that Community Board 3 voted unanimously to recommend for downsizing?an area that makes up a huge chunk of CB3's district, including a smidgeon of prime below-Houston LES turf. According to the Villager, the Board wants to limit the F.A.R. of new building projects and impose a height cap on new and community facilities, in the hope that new construction would be contextual (and we're looking at you, assface). The zoning changes could go into practice in one to two years, so get ready for one to two years of impassioned residents screaming during public hearings, and the ensuing reports on this very web log.
· C.B. 3 O.K.’s contextual rezoning for East Side [Villager]