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Dig that Noisy East Village/LES Nightlife!

Tonight, East Village and Lower East Side residents fed up with the continued proliferation of bars in the neighborhoods are having a town hall meeting. Meantime, blogger This Is What We Do Now reads the complaints in amNewYork (left) and fires back:

Really. Number one concern, eh? Not crime, rape or murder? No, clearly noise from bars is what you have to worry about most. How quickly we forget the numerous junkies and crackheads who literally died for your sins so you could comfortably raise your two children in what was previously an uninhabitable neighborhood a mere 15 years ago. And perhaps the most bitter irony of all is that she wouldn't even be able to reside in Alphabet City without the burgeoning nightlife because none of the hipsters who populate the neighborhood would have a reason to live or go there. Martha, I witnessed Alphabet City circa the late 80s and trust me - you should be thrilled that drinking-related cacophony is the primary derivation of your distress.

Meantime, on Ludlow Street, a noisy little place by the name of Pianos gets coverage in Downtown Express this week. Says one friendly neighbor, "I loathe them so much. I have walked over and threatened to kill them. I was crazed." Man, tonight's town hall meeting should be a trip. Do send the reports our way tomorrow, eh?
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