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LES: Undergarments Out, Condos Up?

Lismore Hosiery, on Ludlow and Grand Streets, is known for something around those parts. According to blogger Joe Schumacher, it's either the scariest or creepiest storefront on the Lower East Side. But put aside your nightmares of spare mannequin limbs for a second, and understand that Lismore Hosiery can now be known for a second reason: the site of another new LES condo development.

At least that's according to Lower [East] Society, who drop us a line: "This evening, I noticed the owner of Lismore Hosiery Co. (corner of Ludlow and Grand) was cleaning out the store. Asked what was happening, he said the shop was sold and a new condominium will take its place." So who's got the scoop?
· Breaking News! [L [E] S]