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Ralph Lauren's Rugby: "Ominous Development"

In Rumblings and Bumblings a couple weeks ago, while rampant speculation over the future of the former Wholesome Market space on University Place was still in full swing, a reader addressed the future of the neighborhood: "With the new rugby store finally open, and the lemongrass across the street vacant, this block looks to change drastically in just a few months."

Lynn Yaeger shares that sentiment in the Village Voice this week, and she laments what is to come on her block, seeing the Ralph Lauren Rugby store as the ultimate catalyst:

But it's on our local shopping street—University Place—where we are more accustomed to buying screwdrivers (both kinds, at the hardware store and at Cedar Tavern). Not to be alarmist or anything, but look what havoc one little Marc Jacobs shop wrecked on Bleecker when it opened a few years ago. Now it's far easier to find a pair of kitten-heeled pumps on that street than a slice of pizza.Does Ralph carry the same neigborhood-smashing weight as Marc? Since the Double RL store hasn't created an army of cowboys strolling through Nolita, we'll say no. But be on the lookout for large groups of muscular men "scrumming" downtown. That hasn't happened yet, right?
[photo credit: Holly Northrop]
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