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Crazy on Craigslist: Roommates, Other Pests in the 'Burg

What self-respecting hipster wouldn't roll out of bed before noon on a Sunday to score an apartment near the epicenter of Williamsburg - 175 Bedford Ave. near N. 7th St., right? Prospective renters, beware, warns one former five-month inmate who's on a Craigslist crusade, telling all comers to "stay away" and warning of vermin(!), messy roommates(!), and transients(!):

I can tell you that the place has a definite pest problem and two roommates who refuse to cleanup or do anything about it. They make it worse. They also invite random people they meet on the internet to stay for weeks at a time. ... I'm warning you - keep away from this trap.
The whole "inviting random people" thing freaked us out for a while until we realized that's sort of the definition of Craigslist.

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· stay away - MICE at 175 Bedford (next to L)!!! [Craigslist]