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Prospect Heights' Heideggerian Lifeworld

Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, a scholar at the City University of New York with an appropriately complex last name, has written an article about Prospect Heights that we simply must get our hands on. Titled "Walking, Emotion, and Dwelling: Guided Tours in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn," its abstract reads in part:

This article uses photography and ethnography to understand and represent residents’ emotional-phenomenological experiences of walks through their neighborhood. It addresses how narratives of the personal and the social structure individuals’ experiences of familiar public spaces... The article addresses how these personal stories layer on public spaces and build aspects of psychologist Kurt Lewin’s situational, emotional and individual-specific life space, as well as constructing senses of dwelling and Heideggerian lifeworld.Junior year anthropology seminar, we haven't forsaken thee. Alas, the full article costs $15 for a single day's viewing. Anyone wanna step up and buy us a copy? You'll help complete our Heideggerian lifeworld—and, presumably, your own.
· Walking, Emotion and Dwelling Abstract [Space and Culture via Dheights Forums]
· Outside of Eastern Parkway [Flickr]