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The Aussie Hunks of Dean Street: Who Will Love Them?

The neighbors are getting catty in Boerum Hill, according to this item in Page 6 regarding new Brooklynites Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. The actors reportedly settled down in a $2 million brownstone, but wait just a second:

"It was $3.5 million," a neighbor told us. "It's a corner house, 25 feet wide with a three-car garage facing Dean Street." The "Brokeback Mountain" star was in such a rush to buy the place and move in with his girlfriend, Michelle Williams, before she gave birth last month to little Matilda, he paid to fly the seller, an American woman who had moved to Australia, back here in first class to close the deal. But the Ledger family's neighbor complains, "They've been rude. They don't acknowledge us."We just phoned Heath and Michelle, and they're very, very sorry. In fact, roof party at their place Friday night; they're buying. Just, um, try not to wake the baby, OK?
· Frenzied Buyer [Page 6 via Gawker]