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Bronx Group Fighting New Yankee Stadium

Ever since the Yankees announced their new stadium plans, not much else has been said on the matter. We took the silence to mean acceptance, but we just haven't been reading up on our Bronx blogs enough. There is outrage over the new stadium, and it lives on Save Our Parks, a site whose tagline reads, "We are local residents who are opposed to the taking of Macombs Dam and Mullaly parks by the Yankees for a new stadium."

Save Our Parks is gearing up for Community Board 4's vote on the stadium plan on November 22nd, a long-shot struggle because even if CB4 rejects it, the borough president can still approve the plan. In an open letter to the Board, Save Our Parks writes:

The DEIS is clear that the stadium will negatively impact the livability of the apartment buildings on Jerome Avenue (right): “residents living in these buildings would be subject to noise, bright lights, and large crowds during game nights. Living across the street from the stadium could make it less likely that someone would want to rent an apartment” there. So why are we putting a megastadium in a stable residential community? The plan calls for no addition to the public transit in the area; there is no Metro North station proposed. With the addition of so much parking, the environmental fallout for this project will negatively impact the already high asthma rates . Bronx residents on average live two years less than the average American due to pollution and particulates.

You have to admire their passion; they're literally dying to live in the Bronx. And we'd love to see them team up with Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn to form an elite anti-stadium squad. Is that a Saturday morning cartoon we smell?
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